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Burnside Rugs are based in Knaresborough, near Harrogate in North Yorkshire. We offer a wide range of oriental carpets
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We have a large selection of traditional Persian carpets available in our Showroom near Harrogate
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We have hand made oriental rugs for everyone! Whether it is traditional & classic style or a modern & contemporary design, we have it all!

Welcome to Burnside Rugs

Leading Oriental Rug Store in Knaresborough & Harrogate

Situated in the historic market town of Knaresborough, we offer a unique collection of superior quality rugs. In our one-of-a-kind collections you will find Persian, traditional, contemporary, oriental, large, and antique rugs. Established in 2010, today we are considered one of the best luxury rug suppliers in Yorkshire and the North of England. 

Being a family run business, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly, personalised service. After discussing your requirements, we will come to your home or business to present you with a choice of suitable rugs. You are also welcome to visit our shop, situated close to Harrogate in Knaresborough, near the Castle, opposite its car park.

At Burnside Rugs, we cater to both commercial and residential clients. Our North Yorkshire shop has one of the largest stocks of rugs in the region. We also own and operate a large warehouse in London, allowing us to provide a nationwide service.

From Scottish estates and wine bars in Manchester, to family homes right here in Yorkshire, our portfolio is as diverse as the rugs we offer.

Prefer to come to us? Customers are welcome to come to our Knaresborough shop to view our collection of rugs.

Our Shop in Knaresborough near Harrogate

"A beautiful carpet is like a fine painting, it holds the eye, its an investment which will retain its value as the years pass"

J Burnside Persian Rug Shop works closely with interior designers for both commercial and private clients from wine bars in Manchester to eateries in London, country houses in Yorkshire, estates in Scotland and barn conversions in Kent and also the Channel Islands.

You can arrange an appointment to see me at the London warehouse you can also bring your client if you wish, we have the largest oriental Persian rug warehouse in London. Alternatively i can bring a selection straight to your project, we are available 7 days a week, with free private parking.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. J Burnside Persian rug dealer supply everything from antique Tabriz, oversized Ziegler's, contemporary pieces, decorative carpets, unusual designs and all time classics. Nothing is too hard to find we cater for every budget.

James Burnside
Owner of Burnside Rugs

Our Rugs

We stock over 1000 rugs in our shop, ensuring we have something to match all tastes and budgets. Learn more about the different type of rugs available below…

Heriz Rugs

With their huge circular angular medallion surrounded by geometrically stylised floral forms, Heriz rugs provide a luxurious, exotic feel to the space. Designed in Heriz town in the North west of Iran, these rugs are renowned for their distinctive looks and hardwearing properties.

Khan Mohammadi Rugs

Produced in the town of Kunduz in North Afghanistan, Khan Mohammadi rugs mostly feature rich reds and terracotta shades. The finer rugs in the range are made with hand-spun wool to produce smaller knots. If you are searching for quality and luxury, these rugs are tough to beat.

Qashaqai Rugs

Created by families of the Qashaqai tribes in southwest Iran, these rugs offer a unique, cultural design. Each rug boasts an entirely unique look as they are remarkably constructed by memory. The wool used to create the rugs is taken from the tribe’s own sheep and the designs have been passed down through the generations. Red dominates the designs, which tend to include good luck symbols and animals weaved into them.

Qashqai Rugs

Persian Kashan

Persian Kashan rugs remain just as sought-after today as they were 800 years ago. Made in Kashan, renowned for its textiles industry, these rugs come in beautiful, luxurious rich colours. They tend to feature floral fields and a large central medallion and there are lots of different types available.

Hamadan Rugs

Made using a Turkish knot on a vertical loom, Hamadan rugs largely showcase rectilinear patterns. They are known to be one of the most resilient types of rugs available, typically created in darker shades of blue and red. Their high durability makes them ideal for use in the hallway or lounge.

Hamadan Rug by Burnside Rugs
Bidjar Rug by Burnside Rugs

Bidjar Rugs

Constructed with a very dense pile, Bidjar rugs are extremely hardwearing. Made in a Turkish village in Northern Iran, they largely feature pale blue and pale purple colours. The wool is taken from mountain sheep and its strength has earned it nickname “Iron Man”. These rugs are especially well suited to commercial use due to their long lifespan.

Ziegler Rugs

Constructed to a very high quality, Ziegler rugs date back to around 1870-1880. Originally made in Manchester, UK, they are designed in line with classic Persian style rugs. They were created with harmonic motifs and pastel colours to appeal to European clients. To give them an antique effect, they are bleached in the sun and then lightly rubbed with stones to wipe the pile.

Ziegler Rug by Burnside Rugs
Kazak Rug by Burnside Rugs

Afghan Kazak Rugs

Afghan Kazak Rugs are created by Afghan and Turkoman weavers, incorporating vibrant reds, greens, blues, terracotta, and golds. Their design is inspired by 19th century Caucasian Kazak rugs. Striking geometric motifs alongside eye-catching colours make these rugs popular with collectors. You will find these rugs can work well in both modern and traditional environments.

Belouch Rugs

Made by the Baluchi tribal group who roam the west border region of eastern Persia, Belouch rugs provide great value for money. They are characterised by geometric symbols, gull motifs and stylised flowers. Most are constructed with wool, though you can also find them made from goats’ hair. The colours always feature red rust, dark blue, brown, and black.

James Burnside Persian Belouch Rug
James Burnside Persian Gabbeh Rug

Persian Gabbeh Rugs

Created by nomadic families in Iran, Persian Gabbeh rugs are constructed with a thick, heavy pile. They offer a more modern design, typically incorporating bold symbols and colours. Unlike other styles of Persian rugs, these tend to offer a more simplistic design, making them ideal for contemporary spaces.

Tabriz Rugs

Mostly woven in production centres in Tabriz, these rugs come with a tough cotton backing. Benefitting from a baroque style medallion design, these rugs are particularly popular in Europe. Each one features a variety of colours, ranging from bold to pastel shades. They are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, guaranteed to match any interior.

Tabriz Rug by Burnside Rugs

Where to Find Us

Burnside Rugs has one of the largest collections of rugs in North Yorkshire. Contact us now to find out more or pop along to see us at our Knaresborough shop near Harrogate.

Every rug has it's own history. These beautiful oriental carpets are a tale of wisdom in their own way.